What is the Best Way to Shoot in Pubg Mobile?

Know how to stay alive before you learn how to shoot!

It may seem obvious, but keep in mind that you’re directing a character who, in some ways, moves like a tank. Strafing, moving, aiming, firing, and attempting to do all of these things at the same time is difficult on a mobile device, and it becomes even more difficult when most of the zones have closed and you’re down to the last dozen or so people.

Run away and heal yourself whenever possible. This is sound advise at practically any point in the game, but it becomes very critical at the conclusion because it’s not a possibility, but a high probability that other players nearby may hear your firefight. If you can’t achieve a quick 1v1 kill, try to disengage as soon as possible because whoever is watching you will have an advantage in aiming if they’re standing stationary (and/or sniping!).

Maintain your health and energy levels. This will aid in health regeneration and quickness in those last-ditch battles!

In the beginning, only use your vehicles. They’re not too tough to handle, and if you’ve landed in some of the more remote places, you’ll want something to help you hoof it when zones close and you’re stuck in areas with a lot of bridges. End game, though, the added speed isn’t worth the engine noise, especially with a limited map space to go across. Be a cunning ninja.

Kill by shooting. While spray and pray works better in mobile firefights, only shoot when necessary. Gunfire attracts attention just as much as engine noise, and someone will want to take advantage of your distraction.

When looting, exercise caution. Moving around and looting should be done as seldom as possible in the final game – and only if you’re running low. If you get too greedy and try to loot the body of someone you killed immediately away, anyone who has been watching you will know precisely where you are and can take you off while you’re distracted.

Only move when absolutely necessary. Once again, this is exclusively for the finale. Early on, you should explore, loot, personalize your firearms, and do whatever else is necessary. However, when the region shrinks, you need keep a close eye on it and adjust your movements accordingly, rather than simply running around looking for a fight. It will come to you soon enough without giving someone else an advantage! When you don’t have to focus on movement in your first few bullets, you’ll be able to aim and kill more easily.