Here Are Five Reasons Why Everyone Loves Mario So Much

In the world of video games, one of the most well-known characters is Mario. Over the course of its 30-year career, Nintendo introduced over a hundred games for a variety of genres and systems, with considerable success. Here are five reasons why Mario Bros. outperforms other games. Continue reading.

Style that is revolutionary

Mario is a welcome shift in the gaming world. Nintendo leads you on a new and exciting trip with each game.

The majority of the new Mario games adhere to the same format established for Super Mario Bros. In reality, the style of Super Mario Bros. has influenced many other games. This is what distinguishes this game as one of the greatest available.

Format change

In fact, this product is legendary because it did not provide the same obstacles as previous titles. Throughout the game, the difficulty level gradually increases in a fun manner. The first levels teach you how to play the subsequent levels skillfully. However, because the design is intuitive, you will not receive comprehensive instructions.

This famous game’s framework is so effective that many modern developers are creating new games based on it.


Super Mario Bros was released at a time when there were few games available. The machines were structured in such a way that players had to keep paying in order to continue playing. Nintendo, on the other hand, employs a different strategy. The task was not made any easier. The players lost “lives” due to their own actions, not the game’s design.

The platform was built on precision, which implies that if you act at the proper time, you will not fail.

Industry Achievement

The game industry was not as successful prior to the advent of Mario. In reality, its revenue was declining. Then Nintendo released a new game, which opened up a new universe for developers.

The arrival of the NES altered the gaming landscape. Instead of high scores, the new title emphasized adventure and exploration. In fact, the product became so popular that it generated the highest sales revenue for decades.

Eggs for Easter

Although Easter eggs were known to players before to the advent of Mario, they were not widely used. If you’ve played the game, you may recall the secret warp pipes that allowed you to go to new planets. And for competent coders, this format opened up a whole new world.

This pattern also motivated players to explore the entire game in order to uncover new secrets. Nowadays, practically every game contains a plethora of secrets and goodies. Mario deserves credit.

In terms of aesthetics, Mario may not compete with the most recent titles, but it has many features that make it far superior to today’s games. Many modern games contain elements that are reminiscent of Mario.

So, those are some of the reasons why Mario is still the most popular game.