Brazil’s Jaguars are being tracked

For a special and utterly unforgettable wildlife experience, why not consider going on one of the specialised Jaguar safaris in Brazil and share time with one of the world’s most elegant and graceful big cats? Jaguars are remarkably elusive, making encountering one in the wild a particularly inspiring experience. There are some excellent Jaguar safaris to choose from and booking with a company on an organised trip greatly increases your chance of seeing these beautiful cats. You can take advantage of the expert guides who accompany you to ensure you get the most out of your trip. It takes in depth knowledge and years of experience to be able to track these creatures in such vast areas of dense vegetation, and the guides have got it down to a fine art.

Seeing the big cats and more

Recently, Brazil has exposed itself as one of the best places to spot these beautiful big cats in the wild. They love the wetland environment here and most Jaguar safaris will take you out on a boat trip up the river to immerse you as intimately as possible in their secretive world. From the boat you will have the chance to see the animals patrolling the riverbanks or lazing in the warm Brazilian sunshine.

While seeing Jaguars is the focus of your safari, there is an abundance of other wildlife to take note of when exploring the jungle in Brazil. You may be lucky enough to see some Giant Otters, Paraguayan Caimans, Giant Anteaters and Uakari Monkeys. The birdlife here is also prolific and if you scan the river surface from time to time you could catch a glimpse of a Pink River Dolphin.

Explore the Pantanal

The Pantanal is one of the best places in Brazil to undertake Jaguar safaris. The area covers at least 140,000 square kilometers and sprawls into Bolivia and Paraguay. There are some excellent lodges in the reserve that offer comfortable accommodation, spectacular Amazonian scenery, good food and exceptional hospitality.

The majority of this area is wetland, although sub-regions do exist within the reserve. During the rainy season 80% of this area is flooded and consequently there is huge biological diversity among the aquatic plants and wildlife. The Pantanal Reserve is home to 1000 species of birds and 300 species of mammals – it is a true wildlife enthusiast’s paradise. Most resorts are run in conjunction with local eco-tourism projects so, aside from the wildlife, there is plenty of opportunity to mix with the local Pantaneiro people and learn about their rich culture and heritage. Involving the local population in the quest to preserve one of the world’s largest wetlands is extremely important if the projects are to be successful in preserving the intricacies of this delicate environment.