What Is The Difference Between A Balance Bike And A Regular Bike?

The balance bike has started becoming more and more popular the last few years. More shops are starting to stock them and more parents are starting to buy them. However, a lot of parents are still unclear about the differences between a balance bike and a normal bike. In this article we will discuss the clear difference between these modern bikes and normal traditional bikes with pedals. We will also help you make the decision on which one is better for your child.

The physical difference between a balance bike and a normal bike

A normal bicycle has the standard two sets of wheels, pedals and all of the rest that comes with it. You normally have a variation of the normal bike for smaller children. These are called tricycles or training bikes. Bikes with either three wheels or four wheels. These bikes are outdated and not good enough for younger children. Balance bikes on the other hand are completely new technology when it comes to childrens bikes. The innovative design means that they do not have any pedals or clutter. They have two wheels and most of the best balance bikes on the market have footrests.

Advantages of A Balance Bike

When used properly a balance bike can have many advantages for your children. The most notable of these advantages are the following:

Balance – A balance bike teaches your child balance right off the bat. Due to the fact that there are no pedals or clutter to focus on, a child can simply learn how to balance on a bicycle before he knows how to ride one. This can help a lot later on in life.

Motor Skills – Children who use this type of cycle have reported to have better motor skills. Children learn how to ride, turn, stop and do basic commands before they even learn how to pedal. This means when you put them onto a big bike they will know immediately how to react to the situation. These motor skills can also help them later on in life.

Confidence – Children love to know they are doing things correct. The balance type bikes will help them tremendously with their confidence. Once they see that they are easily able to ride the bike, they will become more confident in their skills.

At the end of the day the bike without pedals differs from a normal bike in all of the most important areas. Balance bikes are simply better designed and better suited for your children.