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Various Rabbit Hutches for Various Owners

Just as there are different types of rabbits, there are also different types of owners. There are those who take care of them as pets or companions, those who buy and take care of rabbits to join competitions, and there are those who breed them as a business. When considering the purpose for which an owner has decided to keep rabbits at his home or his shop, then the owner must also consider the kind of rabbit hutch he or she should use to house these little animals.

In the past, our concept of rabbit housing was limited to cages. The prevailing notion was that placing them inside traditional cages will keep them safe from external factors such as predators and extreme weather conditions. However, as more and more people begin to understand rabbit behaviour, they have begun to realize that allowing to rabbits in cramped cages may be detrimental to their health and overall development. With the emergence of more cleverly designed rabbit hutches, owners now have more choices when it comes to buying a housing unit for their rabbits. Let’s take a look at the three basic types that work best for different owners.

Hutches for pet owners

For the owner who simply wishes to buy a hutch that provides safety and security, as well as some room for play and recreation, single story hutches are the best options. These are simple yet sturdy hutches that can easily fit inside your house if you have limited space. Although they are relatively smaller than the other models, these are spacious enough to allow your pet to move about inside. Since these rabbit hutches are also made of high-quality materials, these can be used as outdoor rabbit hutches for those who have a backyard since they can withstand natural elements such as rain or sunshine while protecting your pet inside.

Hutches for competitors

For those who own rabbits and regularly enlist them in competitions need a differently designed hutch. First of all, the rabbit hutch should be big enough for two to three rabbits since owners usually enlist one rabbit per division or category. If bigger space is an imperative, then double or triple hutches should be the main choices. First, they are bigger compared with single story rabbit hutches, thus providing more room for more animals. These usually come with a ramp that rabbits can use to access the first and second levels. Thus, these large hutches provide much needed room for sleeping, playing, and moving around. Since rabbits may sometimes display aggressive behaviour, then they must have extra space and must not be cramped inside.

Hutches for breeders

For breeding rabbits, a general rule to be followed is that every pound of rabbit must occupy about a square foot of space. This will guarantee the proper development of growing rabbits. For breeders, larger hutches must be considered. If the owner breeds rabbits in an outdoor shed, then hutches with attached rabbits run may also be wise options. A runs allow them to move about much more freely than just being inside a rabbit hutch. Having a rabbit run simulates the idea of being outdoors without sacrificing the safety and security of your rabbits.