Bikes Without Pedals Have These 5 Features

Bikes without pedals, also known as balance bikes, are becoming more and more popular for several reasons. Younger children are raving about the technology and the thrill they get from riding one of these bikes without pedals. Even though they are becoming more popular, a lot of parents still don’t know anything about bikes without pedals. In this article we will aim to discuss five features of balance bikes and what they can do for your child.

Footrests: Balance bikes that don’t have footrests can be extremely uncomfortable for a child. Imagine pushing your bicycle along and then having your legs and feet just hanging around aimlessly. It wouldn’t be comfortable for you and it isn’t comfortable for children. Footrests give the impression of the pedal feeling, which helps a child get prepared for the bigger, normal bikes.

Flat-proof tyres: Make sure that the tyres of your childs bike is flat-proof. This will especially come in handy if your child cycles over a sharp object that could pop the tyre.

Metallic Frame: Metal frames last longer and can be kept under better condition. Try to find a balance bike made out of metal.

Variety of Colours: Telling a child to choose between blue and pink isn’t exactly inticing. Make sure to pick a manufacturer that has a variety of colours so that your child can really have an option. Most of the balance bike manufacturers have at least six different types of colours. The colours are usually blue, green, yellow, red, pink and orange.

Adjustable seats: Find a balance bike with adjustable seats. Adjustable seats are great because then your child can use the bicycle longer. Most balance bikes that come with adjustable seats can be used from the age of one to the age of five. That is almost four years worth of cycling that you can get out of a bike. Not a bad deal.

These five features in a bikes without pedals are critical to make sure that you have the best quality bikes for your children. Make sure to find balance bikes that have the following criteria: adjustable seats (this is so that your child can easily use the bicycle for a couple of years), foot rests, flat-proof tyres, a metallic frame and a manufacturer who sells bikes without pedals in a variety of colours.

Bikes without pedals who have these five criteria are the best in the market and perfect for your kids!