Why Isn’t A Stabilisers Bike Good Enough?

A stabilisers bike doesn’t conform to the old adage “Less is more”. With bulky wheel set ups and an enormous amount of clutter, it is amazing that children are even able to learn from these old-styled bikes. A stabilisers bike is becoming less popular simply because there is a revolutionary new product on the market called balance bikes. Balance bikes are slowly starting to replace the more common stabilisers bike. This article will aim to discuss why these bikes are not good enough for your children anymore.

Stabilisers Bike – No longer needed as the middle man

Bikes with training wheels used to be the only solution for teaching your children how to ride a big bicycle. Most children shudder at the thought of riding a big bike for the first time. Parents would use these training bikes and allow their children to get used to the sensation of riding before putting them on a bigger bike without any training wheels. With balance bikes, these training wheels are no longer needed. Balance bikes do not have any wheels or any clutter to get in the way of your child having fun.

A balance bike simply focuses on one thing: balance. They teach your children how to balance themselves on a bicycle before teaching them how to pedal the wheels.

A stabilisers bike assists but doesn’t teach any skills

The disappointing fact about bicycles with training wheels is that they are an assistant tool for your children. Most children who ride around in training bikes for years, can’t manage to ride a big bicycle without any training wheels. This is because the training bicycle doesn’t teach your child any skills. The child almost becomes dependent on the training wheels.

With a balance bike, your child almost immediately learns how to balance. It works on their co-ordination, motor skills and even helps them with their confidence. Balance bike helps teach your child the most important thing when it comes to cycling: balance.

These old training bikes simply don’t cut it anymore. There are higher quality bikes with better support for your children. If you’re tired of seeing your child struggle to cycle, or they are getting despondent because they can’t seem to find their way on a bicycle, then you need to try a balance bike. Before you know it, they will be whizzing along on just two wheels.

More children are saying yes to balance bikes and no to a stabilisers bike.