Do You Want to Create a Mobile Game App? Examine These Development Tools

Temple Run, Candy Crush, and other well-known mobile games have millions and billions of users worldwide. Today, as mobile technology and app development technologies continue to advance, the use of smartphones is surely expanding at an exponential rate. People utilize such smart devices not only to perform various duties efficiently and to meet personal demands, but also for pleasure. As a result, mobile games are getting increasingly popular!

Unlike console and PC games, developing a mobile game does not require years. Today’s market is flooded with a plethora of game production tools. Creating an entertaining game is not only simple but also time-efficient when using these powerful tools. Continue reading to find out why so many gaming app developers rely on these technologies!

#1 Unity
This tool supports UnityScript, Unity’s native language, as well as C#. This cross-platform programming tool includes an editor that allows you to simply alter and organize various animations and graphics. It features a specific function that allows you to simply view all of the tool’s components. Unity’s built-in camera aids in smooth navigation.

Furthermore, you can design any system using the Unity editor. The asset store provided by this tool is a location where you may purchase various game elements. Furthermore, both a professional edition and a free version of Unity are accessible.

#2 Corona SDK 2
This software development kit is available for both OS X and Windows and use the scripting language Lua. You can create games using Corona without investing a single thing. To integrate games with complex features, however, you must use the enterprise model. This tool includes a Text plugin and a Corona Editor to help in game development.

Corona SDK is an excellent alternative for creating a cross-platform game. Furthermore, the transition library and built-in scene management would assist you in adjusting the game’s graphical aspects.

#3 Marmalade
Marmalade is a wonderful high-performance, rapid cross-platform programming tool to use whether it is a 2D or 3D game. It supports the C++ programming language. The fast version of Marmalade, on the other hand, supports the Lua language, while the Marmalade Web version includes CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript to construct hybrid apps.

This award-winning program is extremely popular among global game creators since it allows them to create games for both desktop and mobile platforms. Another popular tool is Marmalade Juice, which allows you to easily transfer any iOS game to the Android ecosystem.

#4 Cocos2D
This open-source framework is used by game developers to create free games. Cocos2D works well with Objective-C and Swift. The CCTransition and CCDirector classes can be used to control scenes. Aside from this, you’d have the CCAnimation class for actions like rotating, moving, and scaling.

Even if you code in Objective-C, the Android plug-in Spritebuilder will assist you in obtaining an Android environment in which to develop games.

Aside from the aforementioned game creation tools, SpriteKit, CryEngine, Haxe, NextPeer, Titanium, and others are notable tools that are trending in the industry.