Sony’s Decision to Exclude ‘Roblox’ from PlayStation Due to Child Safety Concerns

Sony disabled Roblox on PlayStation platforms due of concerns about harmful content reaching minors. The information comes from a 2022 document discovered during the FTC’s Microsoft trial, as first reported by Axios. However, Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan stated at the time that the company’s attitude was softening, implying that a PlayStation port for the viral user-generated platform was possible.

Ryan outlined Roblox’s decision to investors early last year. “At the time, he said, “We have always been very careful about opening them up to anything that could potentially exploit them because of the vast number of youngsters that play on the PlayStation. However, he delivered a positive message to investors who were expected to see Roblox on Sony gaming platforms. However, “we have reviewed those policies and eased up a little on this in recent years.” Now that we are communicating with people on Roblox, we have been far too conservative for far too long. We anticipate things will get better.

Despite making the remarks over a year ago, Roblox is still not available on PlayStation systems. The popular game, which allows users to create, share, and play their own video, is now available on Xbox, iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Nintendo hasn’t commented on Roblox’s lack of availability for Switch, but the console company has generally gone on the side of caution when it comes to keeping illegal content out of the hands of children.

In 2021, Roblox launched a content grading system to give parents more control over the user-created games their children play. Over half of the platform’s daily users are under the age of 13. Although it prohibits content depicting sexual behaviour, illegal narcotics, and cursing, rule-breaking content may occasionally get through moderation in user-created titles. Furthermore, Roblox is aiming to retain its customers as they develop, currently permitting content for individuals aged 17 and up. It claims that the 17 to 24 age group is its fastest-growing demographic.