Apple Patent Application Reveals Plans for Enhanced Call Declining Experience on iPhones


An Apple patent application has recently emerged, indicating the company’s intent to improve the user experience when declining calls on iPhones in the future. The patent, published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, suggests that Apple is exploring the integration of its digital assistant, Siri, to provide the caller with a text message explaining the reason for rejecting the call.

The patent application, titled “Intelligent Digital Assistant for Declining an Incoming Call,” outlines how Siri or another digital assistant would analyze various factors to determine why a call cannot be accepted. For instance, the assistant would consider the user’s location data if the iPhone is in a mode like “Do Not Disturb” or even gather information from third-party apps that serve specific purposes, such as a fitness tracking app detecting that the user is currently engaged in a workout.

Currently, Apple offers users a set of predefined responses to choose from when declining calls, but this new feature aims to provide more context and personalized explanations for call rejections. Additionally, Apple’s existing “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature informs callers that the recipient is unavailable due to being on the road.

By leveraging Siri’s capabilities and contextual information, Apple seeks to enhance the call declining experience and make it more user-friendly and informative.

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