How a Pet Barrier Can Keep You and Your Dog Safe While Driving

Man’s best friend goes wherever you do. That’s a given. But even if drool and dog hair doesn’t faze you, what happens when you stop short or get into a fender bender? Dogs moving around freely inside your vehicle are a safety hazard to themselves, the driver, other passengers and cargo (like the three full bags of groceries sitting in the back seat). But with a pet barrier, everyone and everything is protected.

Unless he’s buckled in (and good luck with that), your dog could easily injure himself and you in the process. Similar to a car seat for a child, barriers keep pets contained and prevent them from wandering around while you’re trying to navigate traffic. Should an accident occur, pet barriers prevent your dog from flying into one of the forward seats or, even worse, through the windshield.

In the unfortunate situation where an accident has already occurred, a pet barrier keeps your dog safe and prevents them from running away if the vehicle’s side doors should open. It also keeps them out of the way of rescue workers and prevents them from “protecting” the owner from medical personnel should first aid be required.

Hopefully, accidents are rare. But, in your day-to-day travels, a barrier keeps your pet from distracting or interfering with your driving. Large animals can easily block your vision and cause problems in traffic by jumping from seat to seat or lunging after something that looks appealing, especially when you have multiple animals. With a pet barrier, they’re kept safely out of the way…and out of your line of sight.

Drool and muddy paws can also be a dangerous combination when considering your upholstery. The messy slobber can leave your interior smelling like “dog” and looking even worse. Some of those stains may be set for life, taking a serious toll on your resale value. A few minutes of prevention saves hours in cleaning. With a pet barrier and a set of dog seat covers, you minimize maintenance and keep your interior clean.

The pet barrier’s heavy-duty steel tubing allows it to easily withstand the abuse handed out by your rough-housing animals and includes a rubber coating, protecting your interior and preventing it from rattling. Pet barriers are available in various sizes, adjustable both vertically and horizontally, to accommodate just about any vehicle. They’re quick and easy to install and usually don’t even require screws or drilling.

In addition, dog ramps add an extra level of convenience-especially when it comes to larger animals-by providing an easy way for your dog to get into the vehicle, protecting their legs and your back.

The added cost and effort may seem unnecessary, but even if a barrier was a hundred times more expensive and infinitely more difficult to install, it would still be preferable to owning a cat.