Rayong Lottery Vendor Wins 6 Million Baht First Prize Through Temple Blessings

A local lottery seller in Rayong Province has experienced a remarkable stroke of luck, claiming the first prize in the national lottery following a series of religious ceremonies at Wat Lao-ok. The fortunate turn of events was accompanied by a second-prize win, believed to be influenced by the auspicious presence of Toa Wessuwan at the temple.

This extraordinary tale unfolded on August 18th when Pensiri, a 61-year-old lottery vendor, unexpectedly became the recipient of the coveted first-place prize.

Pensiri, known for vending lottery tickets, had held onto the number 471782 for herself, seeking the blessings of Toa Wessuwan at Wat Lao-ok. In a twist of fate, her decision proved to be fruitful as she secured the first prize, taking home a substantial sum of 6 million Baht.

Image courtesy of Sanook
Image courtesy of Sanook

Interestingly, the same spiritual gathering that brought about Pensiri’s change of fortune also bestowed good fortune upon others. Attendees who were awarded second prizes and those who matched the last three and two digits of the winning lottery numbers were present at the ceremony held at the temple.

Upon sharing her story, Pensiri revealed that she had arranged for traditional dancers from Bangkok to perform a ceremonial dance in honor of the twin deities of Toa Wessuwan housed within the temple.

Following the dance ritual and prayers, she was guided to hold onto the 471782 lottery ticket, which eventually led her to the jackpot. A portion of her winnings will be donated to the temple for its betterment.

Likewise, another individual named Kritsakorn, aged 65, experienced a stroke of luck during his visit to the temple along with his sister, Wunchan, aged 58. Having previously secured a second prize, they returned to express their gratitude by offering fruits and making plans to construct ten additional bathrooms to cater to the needs of temple visitors seeking blessings for their lottery numbers from the protective deity.

During the ceremonial proceedings, Pensiri lit a candle and spoke words of devotion to Toa Wessuwan, followed by the traditional dancers performing three songs. The event culminated with the illumination of 5,000 funeral flower wreaths, which remarkably displayed the number 888 on the tails of all three sets of the wreaths, much to the astonishment of the attendees.

As news spread about the perceived mystical powers of the twin deities, locals from the vicinity flocked to the temple in significant numbers, hoping to share in the newfound good fortune. The twin statues of Toa Wessuwan are widely believed to possess special blessings, as within a mere month, they have granted worshippers with both first and second prize wins.

Considering that the temple is often frequented by those seeking luck in the lottery, the surge of lottery enthusiasts among its worshippers comes as no surprise. This phenomenon has captured the attention of local media outlets, as reported by Sanook.