How to Make Him Forever Mine! If you follow this advice, your man will never look at another woman

What makes a man never look elsewhere ever again? What keeps his heart yearning for you for the rest of his life? Believe it or not, it isn’t the sex. So how can you make sure that the strings that bind you and your guy will never be severed? Here are 7 sure-shot ways you can make him yours for keeps:

Always leave room for creativity.

If you see yourself forever with a man, make sure you can make both your lives dynamic and exciting, and he will learn to do the same. Do not become predictable – have pleasant surprises for him every now and then, but don’t make it a routine.

Reward him generously.

The keyword is reward, so this does not at all mean that you should spoil him. This is called behavior modification, if you like. If your guy tries to improve a bad habit, such as forgetting to cap the toothpaste tube, and succeeds, let him know you appreciate it by surprising him with a reward. It could be just about anything at all, whatever you can think of, as long as it reinforces his good behavior and cooperation.

Involve him.

Some guys fall out when they feel they aren’t really needed in anything. Ask him what he wants for dinner, and have him help out with cooking. Take him shopping and ask him what he thinks of an outfit. Have him repair a busted lightbulb, or hang a picture on the wall. Make your guy feel important and he will stay forever.

Watch what you say.

During an argument, choose your words carefully and never lash out hurtful things that will leave a mark, even when you reconcile with him. Be consistent with praises. Be honest and generous with compliments. Words can work with you, or against you, so take complete control over yours.

Nurture his trust.

Never ever make promises you cannot keep, because a broken promise is enough to make him lose trust in you, and in love. Your man may have been burned before, and may have a harder time trusting someone, so you should keep his trust in you consistent. Let him know you’re there for him when he needs you, and mean what you say.

Stand up for your man.

Sometimes, you will encourage rough roads in your relationship. Some of these may cause conflict between the two of you, and others may be problems you have to deal with in your respective lives. Either way, be sure you’re on your man’s side whatever the issue is. He needs your support – refrain from scolding or criticizing him even when you feel he’s wrong. He will appreciate your patience, and will be forever grateful for your love.

Tame your demons.

If you tend to nag endlessly, or have bad mood swings, it is about time you learned to control them. A guy can only take so much – he can love you endlessly, but if you love him, you wouldn’t want to make him endure your violent tantrums and your impulsiveness. Being together forever means learning how to give and take, and you will have to make his life easier by learning to handle your emotions. Steer clear of outbursts, tantrums and senseless jealousy. It’s not classy and it definitely is scary.