For a Healthy Body, Drink Fresh Pear Juice

We seldom hear people order pear juice in restaurants or even make it at home. Most of the time, it is apple juice or orange juice.

But although pear juice is less famous than other fruit juices, it doesn’t mean they are not as delicious and nutritious. In fact, drinking freshly juiced pears have health benefits no other fruit can provide.

For one, pear juice is good for people with cough and sore throat. Chinese herbalists have been using this fruit as a cure to these afflictions. Drink it once a day in the morning and you would surely get rid of that irritating cough.

It is also an excellent thirst quencher-a refreshing drink during the heat of the summer season or when you have a fever.

Feeling physically drained lately? Are you out of breath after walking a flight of stairs? Drink a glass of pear juice! This bell shaped fruit contains lots of fructose and glucose which could be your natural source of energy.

Because pears have pectin, drinking fresh pear juice is a good remedy for constipation. Pectin is a mild laxative naturally found in pears. It also promotes a diuretic effect which can help encourage regular bowel movements.

Pears are also hypoallergenic-it is a safe and delicious fruit to give to infants aged four months old and above. Steamed mashed pears would surely make your babies healthy without the fear of allergies or any negative reactions.

Why steam the pears? Why not boil it? Since babies eight months and below do not have a fully developed digestive system, they need help in breaking down the fiber and sugar in pears-steaming would do just that.

If you find the mashed or pureed pear a tad too thick, you can easily dilute it with water.

Pears have anti-inflammatory properties which help relieve pain and it also boosts the immune system.

Do not wait to get sick before drinking fresh pear juice! Make it a part of your diet now and reap the health benefits it provides right away.